Dr. Lindsay Davidson - M.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., FRCSC


Recent Learning Modules

Indigenous Culture​ - supported by Queen's Principal's Dream Course Grant

​Pearls of Wisdom - download e-book

The Queen’s University School of Medicine “Pearls of Wisdom” project was conceived by Lindsay Davidson, Sheila Pinchin, Saliya Aleboyeh, Stephanie Chan, Christina Huang and Vincent Wu based on Pearls submitted by Faculty, students and staff. The project was supported by a Creative Expressions of Teaching and Learning and Grant from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen's University. The original multi-media work was developed collaboratively during workshops held in May and September, 2016 artfully directed by Kingston artist Nancy Douglas. Materials from the Pearls of Wisdom project will be exhibited as part of 2017 White Coat Warm HeART, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Pre-conference workshops

Reviewing and Submitting TBL Modules to the TBLC Resource Bank; C. Burns, B. Dickinson, L. Davidson; 16th annual Team Based Learning Collaborative Conference, March, 2017.

This workshop will provide training for TBLC members who wish to serve as reviewers for the resource bank and for members who would like training on how to successfully package and submit a TBL module to the resource bank. Attendees will receive a Certified TBLC Resource Bank Reviewer Certificate and a Certified TBLC Resource Bank Reviewer ribbon for their name tags. Attendees should have an understanding of TBL basics, including a familiarity with the elements of a TBL including the advanced preparation assignment, readiness assessment test, and group application exercise. 

Supporting faculty to develop effective TBL modules; L. Davidson, T. Suart; Canadian Conference on Medical Education, April 29, 2017.


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